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Contact Zee-3

How to get in touch with us

Zee-3 is a web-based company. We don't have offices or a call centre, so we request that the first point of contact with us is through email.

If you require support with any Zee-3 product, please visit our support page.


If you need to contact us directly for any reason - if you have a problem, a query, or a request - then please use one of the email addresses below:

» Press ([email protected]) - all press enquiries
» Support ([email protected]) - general enquiries
» Webmaster ([email protected]) - all website issues


You are welcome to make comments or ask relevant questions on any blog post with an open comments thread. Each product and artist has a blog in their website zone.

You are free to post as a guest, but if you create a user account first then log in, your posts will have your name and avatar next to them so it will be easier for us to respond to you directly.

» The Pickford Bros Blog
» Magnetic Billiards Blog
» Naked War Blog
» Art of Soccer Blog


The Zee-3 team consists of The Pickford Brothers; John and Ste. If you need to contact one of them directly, please use the email addresses below:

» John Pickford ([email protected])

» Ste Pickford ([email protected])


We don't have a phone number or postal address available at this time.